Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Red Reframing Square

Hats off to The Peoples Cube and Comrade Red Square yet again (and as always) for speaking truth to power and helping us of the power the "truth" with their new article: How to Frame National Debate with Red "Framing" Square

The entire article is VERY enlightening and includes some handy pictures. Here is a handy list from the new article. Be sure to print this and keep it handy during the Democrat debates!

Comrade Red Square's list of Party-approved word proxies to frame
the debate and foster a shift in public perception:

economic boom -> recession (when a Republican is President)
economic bubble -> golden age (when a Democrat is President)
free country -> oppressive regime
oppressive regime -> workers' paradise
electoral process -> failing democracy
socialist dictatorship -> will of the people
export of capitalist democracy -> imperialist war for oil
export of communist revolution -> true democracy
terrorists -> freedom fighters
freedom fighters -> imperialist occupiers, rapists and murderers
rambling communist thug -> idealistic romantic dreamer
hard-working productive individual -> corporate fascist
lowering standards -> raising awareness
degeneracy -> striving urban culture
human excrement -> thought-provoking art
destruction of the family -> social progress
clinical paranoia -> outstanding filmmaking
failing government program -> need to increase funding
destroying a perfectly good economy -> care for the downtrodden
improving the lives of the downtrodden through innovation -> selfish greed
truth telling -> hate speech
hate speech -> sensitivity training
targeting terrorists -> indiscriminate murder of civilians
indiscriminate murder of civilians -> resistance to imperialism
protecting the innocent -> racial profiling
racial profiling -> affirmative action
partisan lies -> unbiased news reporting
unbiased news reporting -> fascist corporate media
fascist stormtrooper tactics -> proactive approach to progress
proactive approach to progress -> destruction of the planet with industries
living human being -> carbon polluter
dead human being -> Democrat voter

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