Monday, February 11, 2008

Berkeley, CA: Home of the Hypocrites

I lived in the Bay Area for a little more than 17 years. Those 17 years provided plenty of time to explore the Left, fully understand that mentality, yes... even to briefly become a Leftist... and finally come to my senses and get the hell out of there! Thank God for the sanity of the Right side of this country!

The most vile and hypocritical thing about Leftists is that they claim to have "open minds," to speak out against bigotry, and to protect the "choices" of free citizens. None of which is actually true. In actuality, most of the passionate Leftists you'll ever meet have very narrow views of the world; they speak out only against perceived bigotry while leaving actual bigotry buried in their "groupspeak;" and, the only choices they protect are those with which they agree.

And so, yet again, the Left rears its ugly head in all its glorious hypocrisy. Berkeley, California, well known as the locus of Leftist hatred for the military, has managed to stir up a hornet's nest with the City Council's request that the Marine Recruiting Station leave their "fair" city while securing a parking space in front of said station for Code Pink protestors. Verbatim from the letter itself: [the Marines' Shattuck Avenue recruiting station] "is not welcome in the city, and if recruiters choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome intruders."

The short version of this story is that the Mayor of Berkeley, Tom Bates (see his "pretty in pink" photo here), along with the Berkeley City Council have made it clear in a letter to the Marine Corps that their recruiting station in Berkeley is not welcome. In response, one of our nation's greatest Conservatives, Senator Jim Demint, gathered Congressional support for penalizing Berkeley's actions by withholding earmarked federal funds from the city (the Semper Fi Act of 2008). This prompted Berkeley's Code-Pinko Mayor to "apologize." And, believe me, this is as close to an apology as you'll ever read/hear from any true Leftist.

Expect a large turnout from Move America Forward in support of the Marines tomorrow. Shout a "U-S-A!" for me too, Move America Forward. I can't be there but I'll certainly be there with you all in spirit!!

Read the full scoop on this story with additional links and pictures at Move America Forward.
Participate. Donate. Be proud to be an American!
Keep up the great work, Move America Forward!!
Semper Fi.


TI8703 said...

Of course you must understand that a large chunk of the money they were going to deny the city of Berkeley was for school lunch subsidies for poor children. The SIX members of the Berkeley city council who voted in favor of the anti-Marines resolutions are indeed misguided douches-- and I AM a liberal, just not an idiotic one-- but they've done nothing. They've taken no action, just made a stand of douchebaggery that embarrassed the entire city. Code Pink isn't even based in Berkeley-- it's in Albany. So because six dumbasses make what amounts to nothing more than a stupid public pronouncement and giving some assholes a free parking space one day a week, you conservatives think it's fine and dandy to take FOOD away from POOR CHILDREN in retaliation.

I strongly disagree with the city council and I despise Code Pink with the fire of a thousand suns for making liberals look like fools, but the Repubs trying to punish the entire citizenry of Berkeley-- even those who disagree and counter-protest, even those too young to have a voice-- for the actions of SIX people-- not even the entire city council-- makes you guys pretty much the bad guys here.

Kadnine said...

Spare us, ti.

I'm sure you're sincere when you say you're a "nice" liberal. But please. Spare me the tired old, "Republicans want to TAKE the FOOD from mouths of LITTLE CHILDREN!" routine.

Read this:

"Now, ordinarily I wouldn't condone the feds wielding the power of the purse to punish a local government. But in this case I can happily make an exception – especially considering the bogus nature of the federal grants in question.

"For example, about $240,000 of the federal taxpayer money that Campbell wants to strip away is a grant for a Berkeley restaurant called Chez Panisse to create "gourmet organic school lunches" for the Berkeley school district. Chez Panisse, which charges a hundred bucks a plate for dinner, is famous for such hearty fare as "comte cheese souffle" and "chicory salad with creamy anchovy vinaigrette and olive toast.""

Then see this video. Note well the do-nothing cops. Just six people? Well 8 when you consider the other two council members refused to pass a resolution apologizing for the original anti-Marine resolution. ("In a separate vote, the council decided not to issue a public apology for its action last month.")Well, just 8 plus the Code Pink whackos. Well, all of those plus the Berkeley PD...

Tell me again why this corrosive anti-military attitude is just the fault of 6, "misguided" (!) council members? Tell me why I shouldn't assume it's systemic throughout the city of Berkeley?

Give it up. If you disapprove of these despicable, unjustifiable actions and attitudes on display in Berkeley, by all means say so. But there's just really no way to blame republicans as the meanies here. So don't even try.

Dawn said...

Having been a resident of the area for many, many years I know how emotional and hateful the rhetoric against Conservatives can become so I thank you for a very diplomatic and thoughtful comment.

However, I do have to echo the well-written sentiments of Kadnine -- spare us the tired old "Republicans shoot puppies for fun" bit. If you're a "nice" Liberal then you know that's a crock as much as we do.

The government big enough to give you everything from National Defense to low interest home and student loans is also big enough to bully you and take it all away. This is the danger inherent in the Liberal ideology. I hope that what happened in Berkeley helped to highlight that in no small measure.


Bluegrass Lib said...

Feel free to attack the people o Berkley for not respecting the free speech rights of the recruiters, but don't turn it into an asinine straw man against all liberals.

At the end of the day most liberals and conservatives are fighting for the rights of everyone. That includes dissenting speech, unpopular speech, and freedom of choice. It is only when extremists from both sides of the political spectrum intervene that you get this level of hypocrisy.

We see far-right legislators trying to end privacy and institute a state religion, but that doesn't mean all conservatives are theocratic or autocratic.

Make your point, but don't use blanket statements and straw-men.

Kadnine said...

Bluegrass Lib -

Characterizing Berkeley as far-left isn't so much "blanket statement" as it is, ummm... a fact. The residents, the city leadership, and even the PD there are proud of it! They say so All. The. Time. We're not making this stuff up, dear. Dawn lived there, I lived an hour south of there for several years.

And there hasn't been a straw man argument yet presented in this post. Save yours, of course.

Kadnine said...


"Pro-Troops Rally at Marines Recruiting Office"

Dawn said...

Bluegrass Lib, you've GOT to be kidding me!

"At the end of the day most liberals and conservatives are fighting for the rights of everyone. That includes dissenting speech, unpopular speech, and freedom of choice. It is only when extremists from both sides of the political spectrum intervene that you get this level of hypocrisy."

Where do you get the idea that Liberals are fighting for freedom at all? When the only speech allowed is that which is blessed by Liberal leaders and "politically correct" hall monitors, I have to differ with that statement most vehemently! There is no freedom of choice when people are called "racist" for pointing out that black folks are just as smart, just as capable, and just as articulate as anyone else. The public flogging by the Left of anyone who dares to be open-minded and freedom-loving is just another Orwellian form of thought control.

And, talk about strawmen! Geez...

"We see far-right legislators trying to end privacy and institute a state religion, but that doesn't mean all conservatives are theocratic or autocratic."

Who is this "we" to which you refer?! I have seen no such thing by any Conservative (whether "far-right" or not). Feel free to enlighten me to some specifics if you can...

Sorry, Bluegrass Lib, but the only thing I can agree with in your comment is a fragment of your first sentence. I will most certainly feel free to "attack" the idiot Leftists in Berkeley just as I will any idiot Leftists here when they disrespect my country and the right of our military to keep this country safe.