Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Politician's Energy Crisis

"Making the simple complex is easy. Making the complex simple, awesomely simple, now THAT is genius." - Charles Mingus

Charles Mingus could have been describing Newt Gingrich and where his genius lies. Ever since Newt Gingrich organized and produced the Contract with America, I have been a huge fan of the man. He's a brilliant historical novelist with a robust intellect and a keen sense of what's truly important who does not tie himself to the idea of the moment. He does his homework. He explores a problem long enough to track it back to the larger root of the problem. Only then does he work with other sharp minds to craft simple, commonsense solutions that can be enthusiastically supported by intelligent and productive Americans.

He has done it again with the "Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less." project at American Solutions. This is a very important project and it is being approached in typical Newt fashion. He has boiled our current energy conundrum down to it essentials and taken a pragmatic approach to helping Americans understand how we got here and how we can get out.

Politicians from as far back as the mid-1970s have been blocking efforts to use cleaner more pervasive forms of energy in favor of coddling the environmentalist lobby. The shame of it all is that Americans have been so misled so often about the true environmental impact of obtaining and using fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Heck, even when the former "No Nuke" protestor (see the previous link) gets it right with regard to nuclear energy, she falls back on the old arguments against fossil fuels. Now with clean coal technology well in hand, Americans no longer have to worry about becoming energy independent at the cost of our environment.

Politicians have created the mess we're in. How? By using half-assed science to spew political rhetoric that pleases the environmental lobby and Hollywood for the past 30+ years. The only way out is to let them know that WE know they're responsible for the problem; WE know that efficient stop-gaps as well as long-term strategies are not only possible but practical; and, WE want them to rectify the problems they created, NOW! As a matter of fact, a commonsense, practical, and speedy solution to our current energy situation now tops my list of concerns due to its impact on our national security.

Please watch Newt's video.

Do your homework. Sign the petition:
"We, therefore, the undersigned citizens of the United States, petition the U.S. Congress to act immediately to lower gasoline prices by authorizing the exploration of proven energy reserves to reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources from unstable countries."
You will find yours truly on the list of signers. As of this evening, over a quarter of a million Americans (276,379) have signed the petition. I wonder how many more signatures will be necessary to light a fire of urgency under that monolithic, do-nothing, windbag Congress...

It's important that we all share this with our friends, family, and level-headed associates. It requires masses of actively intelligent Americans to move the body politic into action. Politicians must stop ducking, dodging, and delaying action on the problem they created. Those who voted against allowing us to exercise our entrepreneurial might for all these years need to get aboard this train or get the hell off the tracks.

[A big thank you to Dave for emailing me about this project. I have fewer hours available these days to keep up on the important stuff and sure appreciate a "heads up!"]


Rodrigue, Hortalez and Co said...

More informed blogging from the seedy side of the American spectrum.

Also, the wire hangers are in the mail for you and your daughters. Have fun voting for McCain and attempting to dial back the social evolution of the country to somewhere around 1951.

Imbecile. Luckily this country has survived "patriots" like you before.

Dawn said...

Ah yes... another thoughtful and intellectually blank comment from the ill-informed proletariat!

Thank you for illustrating the very thing that we on the Conservative side of the equation battle on a daily basis -- ignorance, hate, emotion, and lemming-like devotion to the popular slogans of the Left.

I find it so typical that you respond to a post about our country's energy issues with a comment on abortion. Imagine the synaptic misfirings that must be combined in rapid succession to make a completely inappropriate leap like that! Scientifically fascinating.

If you took the time to comb though some of the posts on ConservaChick, you'd find that your comments are out of place, out of line, and misplaced here. I'm pro-choice and voted for Ron Paul in the primary.

Imbecile, indeed.

The Huffington Post and Daily Kos are more your speed, friend. You'd do well to stay within your own box.