Monday, July 14, 2008

"Gay for Obama"

Okay, I'm obviously very, very far behind on my internet gossip as I have just now seen the Larry Sinclair video which was big gossip news online toward the beginning of this year and for months afterward. From what I gather via browsing print press online, Sinclair appears to have failed a polygraph administered to him.

ConservaChick's official line on any and all gay rumors applies here as much as anywhere else:
Who cares? Not I.

Here's the real reason behind the title of this particular post -- I ran across an amusing video called "Gay for Obama" on YouTube today. I would guess it was sparked by the Sinclair business since it was posted to YouTube back in March. At any rate, it's a freakin' riot! Enjoy!

(Oh, PS and for the record: He was NOT "right about Iraq.")


Anonymous said...

Gays for McCain just kind of creeps me out

Dawn said...

Well Anonymous, prepare to be creeped out: