Monday, July 14, 2008

Rewarding Failure

Incredible, absolutely freakin' INCREDIBLE!

Evidently, Republicans on The Hill don't think their base is paying attention out here. We are. Here's just a partial list of the Conservatives (read "not necessarily Republicans anymore") who are all eyes on this one: Freedom Works, AngryRenters, OpenMarkets, and many, many others.

So while we watch Congress continue to make economic matters worse, let's put things in perspective, courtesy of Angry Renter.

Corporate welfare has never been a good idea in my book. Darwinian of me, I suppose, but allowing the unintended effects of legislative tinkering with a "free" market to put us back on the proper track (albeit painfully) is intellectually the honest thing to do.

If "Bob" in the above video didn't realize the risk he was taking when he took out that ARM on a house he couldn't afford in the first place, I'd be willing to bet Bob is a much smarter consumer now. Uh... well, he might be... but then again, Bob should probably feel free to be as stupid as he likes. He'll have the Nanny State (read you and I) to come to his rescue again.

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