Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain Gets It!

I've been listening to the pundits yammer on and on about how Senator McCain's decision to suspend his campaign was silly. It was grandstanding. Well, this ConservaChick is proud of Senator McCain for wanting to get back to DC and focus on the job he was elected to do. Apparently, none of the pundits get it but this time on this particular point, John McCain GETS IT! I couldn't be prouder of him!

Granted, working on legislation to provide taxpayer funds to bailout the mortgage industry isn't my idea of time well-spent but if Senator McCain works AGAINST the bailout then I will stand and applaud for sure! His true Conservatism could certainly come shining through and do so against the Bush administration for a change. Then who would be the RINO, eh? *cough*W*cough*

Government has absolutely no business nationalizing the mortgage industry. Ever. Period. If you bought into the Democrat's idea of helping the "little guy" buy a house even though he couldn't afford the mortgage, then you're a dope. You probably do think it's up to the government to buy the paper that will be no good when the "little guy" defaults. It certainly sounds noble. Seems like a proper result. After all, the federal government did something stupid (as usual); they legislated good intentions without considering the consequences. Hey, another day, another dopey poorly thought out bill, right?

Well here's the problem, folks:

Freakish interpretations by the Court of Imminent Domain
Federally nationalized mortgages without taxpayer consent
Government control of your hearth & home.

That ought to send chills right up your freakin' spine. It certainly does mine. It's absolutely fascist and Orwellian.

"But hey, ConservaChick, you don't get it! The Government (note that capital "G") could turn trillions of dollars in profits. We could end up paying less in taxes and get a nice shareholder dividend check!"

Oh man, that's hilarious. I'm laughing so hard, I can barely type!! Stop it; you're killin' me! That's just precious! I mean, yeah, I can be an optimist at times but that's just really reaching for blue skies and rainbows!

I am completely and totally against any sort of bailout; however, I am totally in favor of Senator McCain's dedication to his REAL job. I am proud to see at least one elected official display a total comprehension that, even though there's a presidential campaign underway, he is being paid by the people to attend to the people's business and not just to his campaign.

Nice job, Senator. Keep up the good work and don't listen to the boneheads who don't get it. ConservaChick truly appreciates the fact that you get it. Explain it to the rest of our employees while you're in DC, would you? ...and if they get it, we can work on the Kentucky legislature!

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