Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain had better be McAble tonight

It's showtime in about 30 minutes. Senator McCain, if you or anyone on your staff has been asleep at the wheel recently, you will have missed all of the Conservative voices SHOUTING for you to TAKE OFF THE FREAKIN' GLOVES in the debate tonight. Seriously. If you want to feel the collective force of every Conservative in this nation jumping to their feet and applauding as one, you will choose your moment in tonight's debate carefully and then unleash a rhetorical but massive slap to the facade that is Obama. Not only will you leave him stuttering but you'll wake up the American "undecideds" in the process. We are counting on you tonight.

We all know you're a good guy who prefers to avoid conflict but the problem is that people don't understand who Obama really is. They don't see you as much different from him and every other politician on the Hill. Most importantly, Senator, they don't understand that Obama and his Democrat cronies were behind the majority of the foul-ups and dodges that produced the bizarre and baffling economic mess that you rushed back to DC to "fix." ... and with all due respect, many of us STILL don't understand how you could have even considered a bail-out... maybe you can help ME with that one.

PLEASE do us all a huge favor and drop the Bill Ayers crap -- don't bother even touching on it tonight. Focus on Obama's ACORN! Many of us truly don't understand why your campaign is focusing on an antiquated hippie thug/bomber when you've got a guy who is tied tightly to an organization that is producing fradulent voter registrations. This and the Fannie/Freddie failures are Obama's Achilles ears ;o) Look, unfortunately for many of the youngest voters in our nation, Americans seem to have forgotten that Ayers is a bomber on the level of a Timothy McVeigh who just happened to dodge jail time for his crimes. We know it; you know it; but it's water under the bridge for youngsters.

So, repeat after me: "Fannie/Freddie, ACORN, Fannie/Freddie, ACORN"... Now jab in the air while you dance around the ring repeating: "Fannie/Freddie, ACORN, Fannie/Freddie, ACORN" -- KAAPOW!!! Land the big one, Senator, right square on the jaw. Just enough to knock the mask off of the phony Obama's face. Let America see this joker for who he really is tonight. You can do it.

I'd wish you luck, Senator, but luck won't do it tonight. Get in there, take off those gloves, and win one for the Gipper!


Anonymous said...

Too bad, Chick, you're not on staff, instead of all those Washington insider/lobbyists who surround the Maverick. McCain's top dog is Rick Davis, a gazillionaire lobbyist who not only had a nice Fannie/Freddie retainer, but also one with a Fannie umbrella group which "advocated" for "affordable low income housing" i.e. the bundled and collatoralized mortgage time bombs now bringing down the whole world's banking systems. Re ACORN, perhaps some headlines and local prosecutions across the country can help McCain, but his own debate words sure as hell didn't. Ayers? AIR BALL! In the end, MCain has one slim shot, a hope that the American people will not hand the whole shebang over to the Ds. That's a slender reed, but it's a shot. McCain has already proven he can't sell his own case, and, as Bush has shown, it ain't good when a politician can't talk "good". America's pretty darn tired of verbal incoherence. SCOOBY

Anonymous said...

PS Now Mr. Campaign Finance Reform will be outspent six to one in battleground states down the final stretch. There's one McCain should have listened to Mitch on, eh? SCOOBY

Anonymous said...

There more I learn of Rick Davis the more I understand why Senator McCain is afraid to touch so many issues which should help his cause. Lobbying reform now.

Anonymous said...

FBI raiding Acorn offices across the country today. FINALLY!

Anonymous said...

McCain can still win but, yea, I read about Obama's money advantage too. Huge. Outspending McCain 4 to 1 in Missouri and Colorado. Denver stations are reporting that Obama prime time ads are 5 to 1 McCain's. Unbelievable