Friday, October 17, 2008

"Senator Government"

Well, what can you say about McCain's performance in the last of the debates Wednesday night? *sigh* Nothing dramatic, that's for sure. One thing you can say is that he tried. He was more aggressive, more insistent, and not quite as much a pushover as he was in the past two debates. Yep, he tried this time.

What I find amusing though is that McCain's best line of the night was a Freudian slip! We Senator McCain addressed Obama as "Senator Government" before quickly correcting himself, it was a laugh-out-loud moment in the ConservaCouple's living room.

Well done, Senator Slip... errr I mean, McCain.


Anonymous said...

McCain was much more aggressive with Mitt Romney. Has everyone forgotten that McCain considered switching parties a couple years ago? I don't get this guy at all.

Dawn said...

I'm with you on that, Anonymous. That's why I keep saying that regardless of the way this election turned out, we've still ended up with the same danged candidate being sworn in. The only real difference was their starkly different stances on abortion.

Well, we're in for it now, aren't we? Yikes.