Thursday, March 19, 2009

Congratulations to the "Banking Queen," Barney Frank!

"For his ample and under-appreciated contributions to the nation’s current economic meltdown and his near-genius ability to engage in the two-faced blame game, CAGW names House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank March Porker of the Month."

March 2009 Porker of the Month, Barney Frank (D-Mass), also has a near-genius ability to wreak havoc on taxpayers while all eyes are firmly on him. That's some sleight of hand he has, wouldn't you say?

Well done, as usual, CAGW!


Anonymous said...

"Banking Queen"? If you disagree with his politics, fine, but what does his sexual orientation have to do with it?

Dawn said...

Barney Frank is gay?! ;o) Seriously, my choice of words has nothing to do with his sexual orientation. I was referring to his manner as he grills CEOs and others during all of this bail-out inquisition -- he purports himself as if he were the royal monarch of the House Banking Committee.

Frank and everyone around him knows darned well how this mess with the mortgage industry came to pass, especially since he and other prominent Dems played leading roles in the made-for-TV drama!