Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ignorance and Indignation

You can feel quite certain the America populace has been properly dumbed-down. In fact, I do believe some of us can't even spell the word "dumb" correctly anymore. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones... I skipped class a few times.

So where is my evidence that dumbing-down has finally created a nation of dolts? It's all over the headlines, my friends. You can see it for yourselves. As a matter of fact, you can't freakin' miss it if you turn on a TV or a radio these days.

The indignation expressed by our president and members of Congress over the AIG bonuses was at first amusing. It was brilliant comic theatre as the very people who crafted the language in the bail-out bill that ALLOWED those bonuses to go forward emphatically expressed their ignorance of it and then their outrage about it.

It reminded me of that great comedic line from Casablanca, when Captain Renault is prodded by the Nazis to raid Rick's Cafe American. As he raids the place, he loudly exclaims, "I am shocked, SHOCKED, to find gambling going on here!" We all snickered at that line in the movie. Why? Well because we saw Captain Renault enjoying himself at Rick's place earlier in the movie and it was just silly to hear him claim ignorance in such an enthusiastic manner. (Ah, yes, the pleasures and privileges of being in power, eh?)

Look, this whole "bonus outrage circus" was fairly amusing until more and more Americans expressed outrage about the bonuses while focusing their fury on the AIG employees (and/or now ex-employees). The more I heard, the more sad it became. Rather than focusing outrage and fury on the elected idiots on Capitol Hill who concocted these unconstitutional bail-out schemes from the beginning, Americans focused their rage on private citizens who held employment contracts with private sector firms!

The true outrage is that our elected officials ignored the US Constitution to hand out "rescue" funds under the guise of crisis, under the pretense that it is the government's job to rescue private sector companies!

And while ignorant American citizens allow this unconstitutional, well orchestrated mess to go unnoticed, class warfare has been firmly sparked. Within 60 days of his inauguration, President Obama and his Legislative majority have achieved what some of us never thought possible. They have orchestrated the perfect scenario for class warfare.

The Wall Street Journal has carried voices on both sides of the more minor class envy skirmish for years; however this piece by ANNELENA LOBB and HEIDI N. MOORE in the Wall Street Journal finally puts it all together.
"This is an issue of 'we' and 'they,'" Mr. Levitt said. "Compensation is a
part of it, but a symbolic part of it. We are a centrist nation ... We're now
shifting to the left pretty far in terms of business-bashing and it has reached
extremes of incivility that are intolerable."
And so, while ignorant Americans write their Letters to the Editors, tell their friends how sick it makes them that these executives have the nerve to take money they didn't earn (OUR money even!), the troops are forming ranks behind flags of "we" and "they."

A new American civil war born of ignorance and indignation... is that even possible in the United States of America?! It certainly is... now.


womenofcaliber said...

Dumbed down is right. The spelling in our nation has become appalling. I was contemplating this AIG uproar recently and have found that all this finger pointing is really to shift the focus off who's really to blame.
Great to find your blog!

Dawn McCurry Shuler said...

Thanks, Caliber! I'm glad you found me too. It's nice to know that I'm not the only female who feels this way AND the only female who enjoys shooting!

I enjoyed reading your blogs too. Will post a link on the sidebar as soon as time permits.

Josh said...

Which part of the constitution has been violated?

Dawn said...

Well Josh, I believe it's the part where the Constitution has NOT granted the Executive, Legislative, or Judiciary branches of government any power to "bail out" and then operate private sector industies.

Maybe the constitution of some Banana Republic has granted those powers to its government, but ours certainly does not.

Even when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, et al were created, it was outside the scope of what our Federal government is allowed to do.