Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Federal Government Gone Wild!

I keep expecting to see a late night advertisement for a DVD called "Federal Government Gone Wild!" with members of Congress lifting their blouses or dropping trou and yelling "Woooohoooo!" as they chug beer on Spring Break... $19.95.

Sad, isn't it? 2009 is fast becoming the year of Federal Government Gone Wild.

Look, I'm a simple person. When I have a limited amount of income and my expenses grow, I start to look at what I can cut out of my budget to make up the difference until I can increase my income. Right? It's simple household budgeting. Our Federal government likes to pretend that it has more options than that. China can loan us more money... we can print more money... etc. We would be in BIG trouble if we, as individual Americans tried to exercise either of those options, wouldn't we?

In a mere three months the Federal government has: (1) given unconstitutional authority to the tax-evading Treasury Secretary to dole out billions of dollars in taxpayer monies to private sector businesses while bureaucrats (who have never run a private sector company) review business plans and toss the property rights of shareholders aside to run the companies that take the bail-out money; (2) crammed "porkulus"/stimulus dollars down the throats of state governors who don't need or want the strings that are attached to those dollars to throttle the economic development of their states; and, (3) dictated the definition of "right wing extremism" to the media and law enforcement agencies so that anyone who disagrees with a Liberal is an extremist.

I don't know about you but I'm just about scared these days to express an opinion. But, if that's what my freedom of speech has come to then I'll take whatever comes my way as long as I know I've said my part. I know that our Founding Fathers would have it no other way than for those of us left in the trenches to monitor the slow eradication of our freedoms to shout and sound the alarm.

For Americans who are tired of the Federal government growing bigger and bigger before our very eyes as it absorbs and annihilates the private sector and free enterprise, as it forces governors to accept Federal bail-out/porkulus dollars, and as it labels those of us with differing political opinions as "extremists," it's time for a new American Tea Party!

Even though this Tea Party day isn't truly about taxation -- it's actually more about a Federal government that is totally out of control -- the message should be heard loud and clear. Some of us are paying attention and are determined to ride through towns all over this country sounding the alarm.

Tomorrow - drop what you're doing and attend a Tea Party. Trust me, you will feel good about being there to physically represent what you value about our country and to protest the looting of America. Sharing a voice with others who resent the intrustion of the Federal government into American "free" markets, into American property rights, and American freedoms is an invigorating thing!

Don't kid yourself... it WILL make a difference if you are not there. There will be one less American standing up for the US Constitution, for the principle of limited Federal government, for the freedom of speech for which this country has always stood. Be there or be square.

Louisville KY's Tea Party will be from 11am - Noon in Jefferson Square (6th and Jefferson St.) downtown. There's also one in Lexington and Frankfort.

If you can't attend a Tea Party in your hometown, feel free to send a virtual Tea Bag to Washington, DC via the GOP Tea Party website. (For the record: I believe the GOP has been just as the Dems of growing the Federal government but I'll avail myself of this site if I can't get to an actual protest in person tomorrow.)

Other sites to visit for more information:

Stop Spending Our Future
Americans for Prosperity
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