Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Going Galt

In coordination with the April 15th Tea Party rallies, a Send-a-Book-to-Politicians Campaign has been launched to take the message of protest directly to the legislators so that its presence can be felt in Washington, DC and Governors' offices across the county.

The book selected to be sent is Atlas Shrugged, because it demonstrates what comes when a government violates its citizens' individual rights instead of protecting them. Let the weight of the books received convey the measure of our displeasure with their policies.

Yes, some of us are fans of Ayn Rand. We've read the book named in the press release above and understand that Rand used the story of Atlas Shrugged to warn Americans of the danger inherent in giving too much power to our government, the dangers of class envy and unchecked power, the danger of sitting idly by while the resources of private industry are looted, and the danger of allowing government to squelch the desires and the rewards of individuals who want to achieve and produce.

The story is powerful and it clearly paints the picture of America to come if our federal government is allowed to continue on its current path.

Are you ready to Go Galt? I certainly am! Go-Galt.org has the scoop on what you need to know to participate. Don't count on any government official taking the time to read the book -- hell, most of them don't even take the time to read the bills they vote on! -- but the statement will have been made and I've no doubt you'll feel better for having made it.

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