Wednesday, April 15, 2009

GOProud -- back to Conservative roots

Welcome home, GOProud!
"There's a stereotype that if you're gay, you're liberal - and if you are a conservative, you're a bigot. Well, there are people like me who are gay and conservative, and we think it's important that we have a voice."
I'll take some heat on this post but I frankly could not care less about that. I have worked many political events in this area and, at a large number or them, I've hung my head in shame over the whole "gay marriage" question and the Republican stance on it.

The TRUE Conservative stance on gay marriage is clearly expressed by the GOProud spokesperson in this WSJ editorial: The Federal government should have no part in setting social policy. It should not be involved in legislating marriage or doing ANY type of social engineering. Some people believe this to be a more Libertarian stance but it was originally a Conservative stance.

I don't know what happened to the GOP after Reagan; however, I do vaguely recall it being hijacked by the Religious Right when the Bush clan turned Goldwater Conservatism into the sham known as "Compassionate Conservatism." That's when all hell broke loose. I guess they're allowed to express an opinion too but I certainly had a hard time recognizing the Conservatism in the GOP after that.

I doubt that many of us will remain in the GOP unless Republicans truly regain their Goldwater roots. Many of us may have to move to the Libertarian or Constitution parties to make sense of our ideology again; however, until that time, it's nice to have you guys aboard again!

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