Friday, June 19, 2009

When a Chicago Thug becomes Emperor...

... you can count on the political firing squad to commence.

Gerald Walpin is a non-partisan patriot whose firing has finally brought to light (for the already enlightened, unfortunately) the political cronyism and corrupt nature of the Supreme Leader and his council of thugs. Walpin has been slandered by them with a blatant lie and I hope to hell he continues to speak out about what happened!

When George W. Bush fired numerous US Attorneys, he had every right to do so as Attorneys General serve solely at the pleasure of the President. The press and the Dems tried to make it into some sort of scandal even though President Bush's actions were perfectly legal.

Emperor Obama threatens and then fires a hard working, non-partisan Inspector General, who does NOT serve soley at the pleasure of the President, for investigating one of Obama's buddies and contributors and there's no press about it but on Fox? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised but it still amazes me what this thug gets away with while the mainstream, state-owned media fiddle.

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