Monday, August 24, 2009

Rand Paul for Senate 2010

Those of you who stop by on a regular basis know that I will miss Senator Bunning when he leaves office. I have never been very hot on the idea of Trey Grayson replacing Senator Bunning because he's too easily manipulated by senior politicians here in Kentucky. Don't get me wrong; Grayson's a nice guy. I just don't want to see him become Senator McConnell's pet project.

I want representation that matches... no, representation that beats Senator Bunning's best Conservative traits. That's what is needed at this time in history in every state. So, imagine my pleasant surprise when I looked more deeply at Rand Paul.

Paul has raised a lot of money for his campaign in a fairly short amount of time. He comes from Western Kentucky as does Bunning. The best part? He's Ron Paul's son and shares his father's Constitutional Conservatism!

I've made it no secret that I voted for Ron Paul in the 2008 Republican primary. Unfortunately, the Republican establishment still had their heads up their collective political arse last year when they awarded the nomination to McCain. To say I was deeply disappointed is a huge understatement.

Kentuckians now have an opportunity to help steer the leaky USS Political Ruling Class back into a Constitutional port for repairs by putting another Paul on Capitol Hill. The Republican party here in Kentucky has an opportunity to prove that they are miles ahead of the DC gang. I hope they step up to that opportunity 110% -- we can't afford to put yet another career politician in a seat of power in DC. It will most certainly sink under the weight.

We need strong Conservatives who are unafraid to throw the dead weight overboard, who will take a stand for liberty, who will put the Federal government back in Constitutional check, and who will bring America back to her Constitutional roots where she has always prospered. For that reason, I am supporting Rand Paul for Senate in 2010.

I hope you'll watch the interview. If you're unfamiliar with Ron Paul take some time to get to know him as well. Even though he represents Texas, he represents all Conservatives very well when he speaks on Capitol Hill.

An interesting side note about families and politics: My cousin, George, who lives in Texas, was very excited when he heard that Rand Paul was running for Senator Bunning's seat in 2010. He wrote to all of his Kentucky relatives to tell us about Rand Paul and his father, Ron. He wanted to be sure he let us know how much Paul deserves our votes next year. George had no idea how politically aware and active I am and I had no idea he was a Ron Paul fan. Isn't it nice to know that sometimes politics actually brings families closer together?


Specs said...

I'm glad we have people like you on our side in KY. So much for the opposition's statements that Rand doesn't have any real support in state.

If you haven't already gotten involved with the campaign helping reach the voters, I urge you to do so. It's loads of fun, give em a call.

Carl Wicklander said...

Hey there, ConservaChick. I'm glad to see there's somebody blogging about Rand Paul in Kentucky! If you have time, check out one of my two blogs: or

Good luck. I hope we can make this happen! The Senate needs Rand.

~Carl Wicklander