Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tea Party Express Stop in Louisville

For the record, Liberals: None of us really give a rat's ass that you call our rallies "teabagging" or refer to us as "teabaggers." We know it's meant to be derisive but frankly we don't care. Doesn't bother us a bit, really. It's water off a duck's back, boneheads. Your silly little "Rules for Psychopaths" don't measure up to the American spirit when our freedoms are threatened.

Now that I've gone on the record with my complete disregard for derision by Liberals, here's an update for you on an upcoming local Tea Party and the Tea Party Express tour activities.

Louisville, Kentucky is one of the stops on the Tea Party Express tour that ends in Washington, DC on 9/12/09. Check out the latest press release from Our Country Deserves Better regarding the Tea Party Express tour.

SACRAMENTO, CA - The Countdown to the “Tea Party Express” has begun, as just fourteen days remain until the official launch of the historic "Tea Party Express" tour.

While the outcry against a hostile takeover of healthcare by the Obama Administration is reaching fever pitch, the Tea Party Express tour is gaining momentum and preparing to cross the country to host a series of 35 tea party rallies.

On August 28th, The Tea Party Express caravan, featuring two 45-foot busses, will head eastward from California to educate, entertain, and most importantly encourage Americans to continue their opposition to out-of-control deficit spending, government-run healthcare, higher taxes, a growth in the size and scope of government power, and irresponsible bailouts.

The "Tea Party" movement has matured greatly in the past year. What started out as a single cry for help has grown into a phenomenon that is sweeping the nation. Americans, outraged by reckless and oppressive government policy, are turning out by the thousands to call for a return to common sense principles of limited
government and adherence to the Constitution.

The Tea Party Express tour will feature action-oriented conservative spokespeople and entertainers such as talk show host Mark Williams, Marine Mom Deborah Johns, singer Lloyd Marcus, YouTube sensation Rivoli Revue, pop singer Diana Nagy, Tea Party Patriots member Amy Kremer, members of the media, and many more.

Unfurl those Gadsdens and get those signs ready, Louisville. Here's the 411 on the Louisville "Tea Party:"

Saturday, September 5, 2009
3:30pm - 7:00pm
** Please note the new start time!! **
Central Park
1353 S. 4th Street
Louisville, KY

Be there or be square!

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