Thursday, January 14, 2010

Germans know how to protest!

From The Muschinski's description of the video on YouTube:

"The underwear bomber's Christmas Day attack has prompted calls for the increased use of full-body scanners at airports.

So to protest, members of the Pirate Party in Germany organized a fleshmob of people who stripped down to their skivvies last Sunday and converged on the Berlin-Tegal airport.

The protesters marked their bodies with a number of messages such as, 'Something to hide?' and 'Be a good citizen — drop your pants.' " [...]

So I suppose it all comes down to this, eh? We dare not profile, lest we offend Amir and his right to pack a bomb in his panties.

A great big thanks to Germany's Pirate Party for making a statement that many of us would like to make but have too much flab to feel good about making in public. Well done!!

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