Sunday, January 17, 2010

Second Revolution - Let's get GOOOHing!

It was implied a few months ago, when I posted a picture of the Flag of the Second Revolution, that I had lost my marbles. Maybe I have but not in the way the commenters might have thought...

The Second Revolution will probably not be televised and it will probably not require a call to arms. What it will require is that we clean House. Yes, "House" with a capital H. I believe the Speaker of the House promised to "drain the swamp" when she and her ilk were granted the majority in the House and Senate last election cycle. Well, apparently she has no intention of keeping that promise. Did we REALLY expect her to keep that promise? Really?

Well, since she isn't keeping her promises and many of the Republicans don't either, the revolutionaries behind GOOOH will be doing it for all of us. And now, folks, you're officially "in" on what we might call the Second Revolution!

I attended a GOOOH ("Get Out Of Our House") mock selection process meet-up yesterday here in Louisville, Ky along with 17 other concerned citizens. I had read the website and some of the literature about GOOOH but had not actually witnessed the process that will be used to select representatives from each congressional district.

This was a mock session so it did not include all of the questions and all of the time that would normally be required to select candidates for election. However, it was enough of a representation of the process that it was educational and inspirational. This could be the answer for which many of us have been waiting.

We worked in groups of six. We had a little time to find out about each other through introductions. We answered a sample number of the questions from the GOOOH candidate questionnaire -- which you can read for yourself online. We heard each other's views on the questions we had answered. We were given opportunities to persuade others of the merit behind our answers or to defend our positions on our answers where we differed. Then we got to vote a secret ballot for the person in our group who would best represent us. Simple, no? Wouldn't it be nice if we were empowered to select our party candidates this way?

This process brings the concept of "representational Republic" back home to where it began -- with The People. This movement is a freight train gaining steam, folks. If you are ready to fire Congress, a darned good place to start is by cleaning House. GOOOH has the plan and the momentum to make this happen provided the citizens are ready to elect true Citizen Representatives and dump the career politicians.

Listen, I'm no pushover. I don't invest my energy in third-party politics without a hell of a lot of thought and soul searching. (My vote for Ron Paul last election was the beginning of this journey in earnest.) I'm tired of what Laura (Louisville's GOOOH Leader) calls "fear-based voting." I'm no longer voting for a Republican I cannot support because I'm afraid a Democrat may win if I don't. I am ready to vote based on my own desire to do the right thing for myself and my family. I think a whole lot of other folks are too.

The quality of the people present at this Meet-up yesterday really brought home the truth and the power of this movement. We had everyone from retirees to young voters, union workers to entrepreneurs, Democrats to Libertarians, social liberals to social conservatives, fundamentalist Christians to heathens like myself. The main thing we all have in common was an honest and thoughtful regard for the United States Constitution and an overwhelming disgust with the complete lack of attention given to it by current Representatives in Congress. They have stopped representing The People and made careers out of representing only the views of the special interests who help get them elected and re-elected time and time again.

The most impressive thing I heard yesterday came from a fellow in my group who is a fundamentalist Christian who had difficulty choosing whether he would vote for or against legislation that would legally permit people to choose euthanasia for themselves if the situation merited such a personal choice.

He said, "As a Christian, I don't think I could personally vote for such a law. Taking your life is against the Bible. I would have to get input from the people I represent before I could cast a vote. If they wanted it, I'd vote for it regardless of my own views on it."

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes GOOOH worth the effort. That is what a representative Republic is all about. That is "serving" your country.

Whether your views are more liberal or more conservative, GOOOH returns representation to the People in every district. It's a non-partisan "party" in that the selection process helps people determine who best represents their views. Folks in San Francisco districts will probably select more liberal GOOOH candidates where folks in Western Kentucky will probably select more conservative GOOOH candidates. How often does that actually happen with candidates who are financed and selected by the RNC or the DNC? ...Never?...

I suggest you look at GOOOH very carefully to see if it's for you. If it is, get involved now. You may find yourself serving your country and steering a course for this great nation back to the principles that made it great. At a time when service in the House seems out of reach for the average American, it's time to end careers and begin "service."

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