Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Special Election Alert: Teacher -- 'I'm really in enemy territory'

I'll try to keep you all posted today via email into my blog from my sources.

Good luck today, Scott Brown!

Those of us outside of Massachusetts are pulling for you every bit as much as those on the right side of history in your own state!!

Teacher: 'I'm really in enemy territory'

By Andrew W. Griffin
Oklahoma Watchdog, editor

LAWRENCE, Mass. — Minutes after the polls opened at Guilmette School here in Lawrence, school teacher Diane MacDonald drove up into the parking lot in a car sporing a Scott Brown for Senate bumper sticker in her back window. Stopping her to talk, MacDonald told Oklahoma Watchdog that for over a week she had been blasted with emails from her teacher's union telling her and other teachers to be sure and vote for Democrat Martha Coakley.

Pointing to her Brown sticker, MacDonald smiled and said, "I'm really in enemy territory being a school teacher." Noting the pro-Coakley email blasts from her union, MacDonald added: "They are using school computers to send out those emails. That's illegal."

MacDonald said that while "you can't do that," referring to using public computers to send partisan messages, she said that she'd be looking for trouble by responding.

Still, other teachers have whispered to MacDonald that they are supportive of Brown but are afraid to voice their opinions publicly.

Andrew W. Griffin is the editor of Oklahoma Watchdog.


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