Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Walking for Rand -- Saturday, Jan. 30th

Help kick off our voter contact program by going door-to-door with Dr. Rand Paul and his family!

Join us on January 30 at 10:00 A.M. (EST) as we go door-to-door in Louisville doing a brief, two question voter survey. This voter contact program is the way to carry Rand Paul over the top in the Republican primary, and you can help!

Meet us at the Wal-Mart parking lot at 7101 Cedar Springs Blvd. (I-265 Gene Snyder Fwy at Bardstown Rd) in Louisville on the morning of the Rally For The Republicans as we kick our campaign into high gear! We'll collect voter data from 10:00 A.M. until 2:00 P.M., and then
make our way to the Rally at the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center.

[ConservaChick and ConservaCousin will be there to canvass with the Pauls on Saturday. Come on out and join the Revolution! Hope to see you at the walk and at the rally that Saturday!]


Anonymous said...

Read about Rand Paul. Enjoy especially the endorsements from the white power, secessionists.

Dawn McShuler said...

I have read about Rand Paul. People running for office do not have the luxury of selecting what quality of person will choose to endorse/support them, Anonymous.

If all Americans took your view on picking out one or two kooky endorsements given to perfectly good candidates, no one would EVER be elected to office in this country.

...Do you even actually go to the polls to vote?... Or do you just blacken the circle next to "D" and sigh contentedly feeling your patriotic duty has been done?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anonymous,

The Paul family are individualists unlike the big government Republican neoconservatives who ahere to collectivism like their liberal counterparts.

In fact, racism is just an ugly form of collectivism so I don't see how you can justify such comments surrounding paleoconservative individualists... it doesn't register.

What does register is the fact that the Rand Paul campaign has requested Trey Grayson recuse himself of presiding over vote counting with regard to his own election. Grayson has refused...

So aside from his Big Banker, Pro-Bailout, RINO complex, he also does not see fit to abstain from conflicts of interest.

Better luck next time...

Anonymous said...

They might not be able to select who endorses them, but they can make choice about appearing as guests on white power, black helicopter, pro-militia talk shows.