Friday, January 29, 2010

We need a Illinois Miracle

The Illinois Senate primary is coming up this Tuesday, February 2nd

...4 days away


The Republican front runner is Mark Kirk, an Illinois representative who was one of only 8 Republicans who voted for Cap and Trade; and who voted for the TARP bailouts.


Meanwhile, the majority of tea party and 912 groups in Illinois have been backing Judge Don Lowery as the "we the people" candidate to take out Mark Kirk.... and the Independence Caucus has vetted and endorsed Judge Lowery.


An Independence Caucus research team has been looking into Mark Kirk's money trail back to the 30 companies that got 95% of all the TARP money. (Kirk voted in favor of TARP)


Results have just been posted on this YOU TUBE clip:

Wait until you see how much money Kirk has been receiving each month from those 30 bailout companies since he voted for's simply amazing.


PLEASE review the video and forward this information to everyone you know.....the election is just 4 days away and voters in Illinois need to see this information before they vote!

We need a Illinois Miracle!!!

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