Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On your marks, get set, GOOOH!

Folks, the time is fast approaching to commit to changing this Congress from dysfunctional and self-interest to a balanced, citizen-focused legislative body as was the original intent. It's fast approaching time to serve that evict notice on the career politicians who have been squatting for far too long in OUR House of Representatives. Stop your whining, dust off your britches, stand up straight and tall, and shout from the depths of your lungs, "GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE!" It's time for that loud but peaceful Second American Revolution I promised you.

It's such a simple and practical plan that it will leave House members scratching their heads and wondering what happened to their careers as slick, establishment, big-government politicians. It can't happen without each and every one of you. If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten. It sounds like most of us don't like what we keep getting.

I'm personally sick to death of career politicians who are devoted to party instead of principle, Republicans and Democrats alike. The broken system we've got now is the result of our insistence on voting for party politicians instead of citizens who want to devote themselves to serving this country. Let's face it, politicians devote their staff members to serving the country while they devote themselves to stocking the campaign warchest for the next election cycle. Is that REALLY what you sent them to DC to do?

Check out the GOOOH website, sign up, answer the questionnaire, get onboard, and spread the word far and wide. Your friends and family will appreciate it. You'll be giving them the opportunity to be GOOOH before GOOOH becomes cool. This revolution will be televised and you'll be in the cast. ;-)  Who doesn't love that?!

And, here's the word today straight from the man with the plan, Tim Cox...

The Pig is Committed 

On March 4th a major international television station plans to run a story covering GOOOH. We'll announce details on the GOOOH Home Page on March 1st.

Senator Evan Bayh (D) of Indiana announced last week he would not run for re-election, calling Congress "a dysfunctional system." Even those in office know the truth of our message. He went on to say, "...we need to vote out the partisans who care more about their political fortunes than the country." This comes but days after a New York Times / CBS News poll that says, "Just 8% of Americans want the members of Congress re-elected."
I can't for the life of me figure out who those 8% are or who the 15% are who say they approve of the job Congress is doing. There is absolutely no question that Americans are ready to FIRE Congress. Every thinking person in America knows we must find new leaders, and soon.
The real question is, "Are we brave enough and committed enough to do what must be done?"
Will we complain like children or will we act like responsible adults? Will we help make it happen or watch from the sidelines? Will the fear of splitting the vote dictate our actions when every piece of information we have says we will win in a landslide?
Will we be afraid to replace our representative, insisting he is likable and generally votes the way we would, and wait for the other 434 districts to change theirs? Will we ignore the fact that there are thousands of eminently qualified men and women in our 660,000 member district who can do the job? Will we allow our peers to use Ross Perot's failed presidential bid as justification for why an independent candidate cannot win?
Will we put the Republicans back in power again, despite their repeated failures? Like a battered wife who fears leaving an abusive husband, will we give the Republicans yet one more chance?
Will we stand up for what we believe and save our country, or will we allow the peddling politicians to destroy it?
We are approaching 1,000,000 visitors to our site, a feat accomplished purely by word of mouth. From the beginning we have said we do not need money. Now, having collected almost $100,000, it is time to move to the next phase. We are finalizing our financial structure this week and will ask those who are ready to donate to do so in about one week.

We have hired a top-notch marketing company and will launch the first phase of our marketing campaign in about three weeks. The donations will determine the scope of the effort; there remains no requirement to donate at this time. GOOOH has been self-funded to date. It has been built by a few very dedicated patriots. Now, the time approaches for others to pitch in financially. Please give thought to your ability and willingness to help us reach our membership goal. Check with your spouse and your conscience.
It is said the chicken contributes to breakfast but the pig is committed. We will soon ask if you are ready to commit. With a little help, we will succeed this year!
Tim C 
Join the Revolution! 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing - I'm glad I stumbled across this site!


Dawn McCurry Shuler said...

I'm happy to hear it was of interest to you, TP. Stay tuned for more updates. As soon as I find out what time slot the GOOOH story will be aired, I'll post specific details on when you can find a the television broadcast about Tim and GOOOH.

All the best,