Friday, February 12, 2010

One man's corpse is another man's nuculer?

Thursday, at the National Day of Prayer breakfast, our illustrious "Teleprompter in Chief" made a complete fool of himself.

Most folks know the correct pronunciation of the word "Corps" is "core;" hence the correct pronunciation of "Corpsman" is "coreman." Yet this man, who touts his education at both Columbia and Harvard, pronounced it "corpse" when talking about a US Navy Corpsman during his speech.

The same media who slammed George W. Bush for every verbal error gave this arrogant, grinning, nose-in-the-air, jug-eared radical a total pass on this. The double-standard and blatant hypocrisy is shameful. I suppose one man's "corpse" is another man's "nuculer." Or maybe it's simply that the folks who actually voted for and still worship this turkey can't bear to acknowledge "His" mistakes?

You can watch his repeated mispronunciation in these two videos:

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