Tuesday, February 02, 2010

WHAS-11 Report on Saturday's Rand/Ron Rally

One of our local TV stations did a really nice job reporting on this rally. The coverage was broad and accurate. At the risk of sounding like a media-bashing cynic, I was really quite surprised by it! As for Trey Grayson's response to the Rand/Ron Rally, wll, phrases like "pro-choice marijuana advocate" and words like "liberal" are laughable and misused when describing either of the Pauls.

There is nothing Liberal about expecting the Federal government to keep its legislative paws off the States responsibilities. States may decide to legislate drug laws or marriage laws but it is out of the purview of the powers enumerated to the Federal government in the Constitution. The Pauls are BOTH very Constitutionally Conservative. It's refreshing to hear from Conservatives who take the Constitution seriously, quite unlike Mitch McConnell and the Establishment Republicans in Kentucky.

If I were Grayson, I'd be running for the OTHER senate seat when Mitch comes up for re-election. No one likes a squishy Conservative... vote for abominations like TARP, expect to be replaced.

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