Friday, May 21, 2010

Just in case Israel had any doubts...

From Israel National News:

The Obama administration has announced the United States will join the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, another openly anti-Israel organization.

Read the full story here.  

[Thanks for sending this my way, Chief!]


Anonymous said...


Seriously, seek help. If you think for one minute that the UNAoC is anti Semitic you are WRONG.

Are you saying Portugal is anti Semitic? Former President of Portugal, Jorge Sampaio, is the High Representative for the AoC.

Why is it that you Tea Party people think it is ok to H8 Muslims but look and look and look and look and finally resort to turning a WELL NEEDED organization to STOP ALL FORMS of H8 and label it anti-Semitic? See, it's that type of non-sense that makes me sickened with the Tea Party people.

Dawn McShuler said...

Why would I seek help, Anonymous? I'm afraid I prefer not to be sheep and flock to the silliness perpetuated by the UN.

Can you give me one solid achievement by the UnAoC that has further one single item on their mission statement? I seriously doubt it. Nor can you prove that they are not bigots who hate the Jews.

By "you Tea Party people," you mean we who love individual liberty and endorse it for everyone regardless of their religion? Why do you assume that we hate Muslims? I hate no one. What kind of nonsense is that?! You have assumed some nonsense that does not exist and THAT is why Tea Party people are sickened with the sheeple on the Left in this country.

Put down the crackpipe and pick up some brain cells, Anonymous. Stop judging people by your preconceived notions of them -- or the image of them pushed on you by the Lefties -- and start seeing them for yourself. You might surprise yourself and others by making sense.

The only "H8" (how cute, your little alpha-numeric word) that is perpetuated in this country is the hatred spawned by class-warfare and class-envy pushed daily by the Left. Wake up and start thinking for yourself.

One of these days, you'll own your comments and stand up for something worthwhile, Anonymous.