Friday, May 21, 2010

Spain admits green economy sold to Obama is a disaster.

When the socialistic Spain tells you our Emperor has no clothes, it's time to listen up! It's time to stop the charade and get Obama a pair of trousers, right?!

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Pajamas Media Must Read

In Case You Missed It: Spain admits
that the green economy as sold to
Obama is a disaster - La Gaceta

Pajamas Media -- Exclusive Analysis
Leaked Spanish Report: Obama's Model 'Green Economy' a Disaster
May 21, 2010
By Christopher Horner

As predicted was inevitable, today the Spanish newspaper La Gaceta runs with a full-page article fessing up to the truth about Spain's "green jobs" boondoggle, which happens to be the one naively cited by President Obama no less than eight times as his model for the United States. It is now out there as a bust, a costly disaster that has come undone in Spain to the point that even the Socialists admit it, with the media now in full pursuit.

Breaking the Spanish government's admission here at Pajamas Media probably didn't hurt their interest in finally reporting on the leaked admission....

... La Gaceta boldly exposes the failure of the Spanish renewable policy and how Obama has been following it. The headline screams: "Spain admits that the green economy as sold to Obama is a disaster."...

The translated La Gaceta article and Christopher Horner's analysis can be read here.

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