Thursday, October 07, 2010

10-10-10 Rally Is Almost Here!

Louisville Tea Party: 10/10/10 Rally Edition

Vol. 1, No. 35  October 7, 2010

Dear Patriots,
It's finally here:   Our 10/10/10 Rally!  The forecast looks amazing.  Our program is set.   This will be a highly informative event covering all sorts of timely topics designed to educate, challenge and motivate us all to do our part in making an indelible mark on our nation's history. 

We're discouraging signs so that those who are bent on disparaging our movement and trying to marginalize our event will have little or nothing to distract from the main message in words and music from the stage.  So, bring a lawn chair, a friend, a neighbor and your patriotic fervor.   And let's commit ourselves in unity to the higher cause of restoring America to her unprecedented greatness. 
10/10/10 Rally, Sunday!
4pm - 6pm on Jefferson Square

The Louisville Tea Party invites you to come out and bring a friend or two with you for a Sunday afternoon of timely teaching on founding principles, celebration with patriotic music and being energized and mobilized to impact the election cycle as never before.  This will be a strictly grassroots citizens' event, featuring dynamic speakers from our region.  Also taking the podium will be Marilyn Parker ("Mom Without a Teleprompter"  and political activist), Wendy Caswell (Louisville Tea Party founder), Les Naiman (The Voice of Liberty in Louisville), Scott Reed, Dan Blanchard (Louisville Tea Party President) and , Larry Hausman.  We're excited to have added to our program,  Jim Waters, of The Bluegrass Institute, Randy Walters with Coal-Fed Families and Pajama Media columnist, Sarah Durand.  Our MC for the event will be the resonant voice of  Jim Coyle. 
The Rally's emphasis will be on education, so each speaker has a subject designed to inform and challenge us all.  To date, our topics will be:
  • Education and  the JCPS
  • Needed Now More than Ever: Charter Schools
  • The Fraud of the Environmental Movement
  • Congress and Accountability (Lessons from 1994)
  • The Greatest Threat to America (The Debt!)
  • Garden Tomatoes & US Sovereignty
  • What Would the Founders Say?
  • Abuses in Government 101
  • How Washington Misuses the "Commerce Clause"
    Also, there will be a petition on hand to restore the right of Jefferson County Public School students to attend their nearest neighborhood school.  Please come by our booth and sign it.  It will be presented to State Senator Dan Seum and David Williams, the co-sponsors of a Bill designed to accomplish just that.

    Patriotic and celebrational music will be provided by Louisville's own acappella vocal band, Water's Edge.   And the Over-Reactors will take the stage as well.  Please join us for this afternoon of education and inspiration.  And leave even better equipped to make a  informed Americans!

    Booth Space for Organizations & Campaigns are available.  Merchandise booths will not be made available at this event.   Why?  The cost of the event is not unsubstantial and so we encourage you to visit our own booth where there will be patriotic flags, buttons, bumper stickers, bracelets and T-shirts.  They make a distinctive statement and help us to fund events such as these.   Thank you!

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