Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"I want to be an individual just like everyone else!"

There are so many follow-up and new items that I'd like to post tonight; however, one of ConservaChick's many "Anonymous" commenters has used a word in his/her commentary that has sparked a rant in my head that must be written. (I apologize in advance for the tangent.)

This sentence from Anonymous's comment is what prompted this post tonight:

..."I see this is still just a polarizing, name-calling place where people admire war and question the patriotism of others. "...

While I could waste a lot of time defending the uncensored and open atmosphere for which ConservaChick is known, I won't. I will simply say that I post what I feel is important, interesting, or humorous because it's my blog. In return, if anyone is offended, interested, or moved by anything on this blog he/she is welcome to post his/her comments knowing that they will be left intact, unaltered, and never removed. I believe this is about as fair as anyone could be in this sort of medium.

I have a severe problem with anyone -- Conservative/Liberal, Republican/Democrat -- attempting to shame me (or any other human being) into censoring the quotes, jokes, or commentary on ConservaChick. "Political correctness" is the groupthink of the radical Left and George Orwell; it has no place on this blog as I am an individual.

Every American who exercises his/her free speech rights should face the fact that others may not necessarily agree with him/her when he/she chooses to air an opinion. As an American, a blogger, and a conversationalist, I faced that fact long ago. We are -- as every Conservative should be proud to acknowledge -- individuals. We may have to teach those on the Liberal side about individuality but that's okay; I'm willing to exercise some patience on that score.

That individuals may become polarized is a consequence of groupthink more than it is a consequence of individuals who choose to air their opinions. The word "polarize" has become synonymous with politics the past eight or so years. Why? Polarization is created when there are only two choices available. People who are unwilling to stand outside the crowd, to disagree with pieces/planks of their party's platform, to acknowledge the limits of any organization, to let go of long-held, party-endorsed beliefs when evidence is clearly contrary, cling to their party positions out of fear. Every political party has its blind zealots and they create this chasm in the middle where the individual thinkers are found.

This is why I find it so very difficult at times to describe my political ideology. I settled on Conservative (with a capital C) because that ideology is closest to what I believe is best for the United States based on my own private studies. While this leads me to vote Republican most often, the Republican party adopted planks in the 1980s that run counter to my "Goldwater Conservative" beliefs. I often run afoul of others in the GOP because I am not a "social conservative." I believe that the three branches of government have no business exercising any powers other than those enumerated in the US Constitution.

Political parties themselves have become polarized lately by the more radical and vocal elements on the Left and Right of each ideology. This is what is wrong with our political system at this point in US history; there are only two choices available to people who choose not to think for themselves. The majority of citizens in the US don't pay enough attention to political issues to do their own thinking anymore and so they cling blindly to their pole -- left or right, positive or negative, Democrat or Republican.

I have really longed for the day when individuals who are tired of feeling trapped in an either/or position politically, banded together in large enough numbers to create more choices in our political representation. And, evidently, I'm not alone, folks. Take a look at the front runners in Republican primary right now. They're not your typical "social conservatives" nor are they your typical black or white choices. I am greatly encouraged by this!

While I really disliked ConservaChick being labeled with a broad, sweeping, incorrect, generalization from an anonymous commenter, I am glad for the thoughts that it provoked this evening. Since "Anonymous" has chosen to stop reading ConservaChick, I'll just post my thanks for the rest of you. When you comment here, you add to the discussion even if you don't like the response/results; you add to the mixture of life that keeps a brain pumping. Call me silly, if you must, but I do believe that's just about the opposite of polarization. Isn't it?


Kadnine said...

Keep on bloggin', Dawn. We love your stuff. We also appreciate the open comments policy you maintain. It's very... ahem, courageous.

That no one is likely to budge from his or her position on this war is a given.

Anon's problem is that he let that make him all bitter and shit. Man! It must suck to him.

mark lewis said...


Never mind what anonymous had to say which was basically nothing. Theres one reason they post as anonymous anyway - in addition to being the only word of more than 2 syllables they know they're basically chicken and unable to defend themselves in a simple argument.

Keep on calling people on their patriotism. You've got them figured out just perfect.

Dawn said...

Thanks, guys! You certainly know how to keep a girl's spirits up!!