Sunday, December 16, 2007

Restore Funding for the Border Fence

If you haven't been paying close attention to DC lately, you might have missed this bit of Congressional trickery:

Without explanation, Congress has stripped away $3 billion in desperately needed funds to build the Border Fence that it approved last year and to provide for other border security.

That's right—without telling the public, Congress is pulling the plug on the U.S.-Mexico Border Fence that it voted for with such enthusiasm last year (just before they asked voters to re-elect them).

[...] Time is
critical—Congress will finalize this funding question before Christmas! has done a great job of laying out the events leading up to this bit of treachery by Congress in a special report, "Government Border Fence Trickery." Read it to find out how these types of "scams" are conducted.

Take action today by signing this petition to let Congress know that you care about illegal immigration and that you're paying attention! My name's on it and I've forwarded it to friends and family. If citizens don't monitor and act each time legislation is passed and then quietly "unpassed," legislative trickery like this goes unnoticed by the masses. It's up to each of us to stay on top of our public servants. After all, "We" are the boss, aren't we?


Tulpen said...

Yippee! For once, I'm happy with Congress for not following through with a ludicrous $2 million/mile border fence.

I love Mexicans! Welcome to the USA!

Dawn said...

You call it "ludicrous," I call it a damned shame that Congress continues to fail on some pieces of what is a badly needed addition to our attempts to secure our borders and our national security.

I'm glad to note what a loving individual you are, Tulpen. Like you, I welcome people of ALL countries to the USA -- it's a great place to live! -- provided they come to this country LEGALLY. Our country, our laws. Respect them.